Remembrance of BIIb – Steve Reich's cult composition Different Trains

7 March 7pm
Large Courtyard, Trade Fair Palace

Steve Reich's cult composition Different Trains, performed by the Škampa Quartet, plus an excerpt from the theater performance Because of Alma.

The Memorial of Silence commemorates the victims of the liquidation of the Terezín family camp at Auschwitz. This year marks the eightieth anniversary of the single largest act of genocide of Czechoslovak citizens in history.

Reservations: rezervace@pamatnikticha.cz

Photo Karel Cudlín

A Light for a Place of Memory

7 December 5pm
Bubny Station

The traditional start of the Jewish festival of lights is associated with gatherings of a broad spectrum of representatives from Prague's cultural circles for whom Hanukkah is an important symbolic time on the annual calendar.

The first Hanukkah candle will be lit by Rabbi Karol Efraim Sidon.

A guided tour of the exhibition Gates of Memory from 15:30.
Reservations can be made at: rezervace@pamatnikticha.cz

Photo Bára Lockefeer

Drumming for Bubny 2022

16 October at 5pm
Bubny Station

Our ninth drumming event to loudly express our opposition to silently watching things that should not happen.

For anyone wondering why we should be drumming today, all you have to do is read the news from the Near East.

There is no question that the war in the Holy Land is an entirely different conflict than the one begun by Nazi Germany. But civilians are dying. People who gathered to pray on a holy day have been kidnapped and taken hostage.

On 16 October, it will be 82 years since the first Jewish transport left occupied Prague carrying citizens of our capital city. Their deportation from the cultured world robbed prewar Prague of its unique voice.

This year's Drumming for Bubny will be set to a jazz rhythm as David Nussbaum, American percussion icon of the 1980s, engages in a musical dialogue with the Žižkov music school's Bigband Plus. Our joint happening, hosted by Ondřej Konrád, is followed by a concert by Libor Šmoldas's NYC Trio in memory of all who left to the unknown.

Own drums are welcome, but not a requirement.

Starting at 4pm, you and your children can join students from the Přírodní Škola secondary school in decorating your drums.

The event is held under the auspices of the Embassy of the State of Israel.

Gates of Memory

9 October – 15 December
Bubny Station

An exhibition looking back at ten years of experimentation by the Memorial of Silence organizing team.

The exhibition offers a report on how the protective layers of this place of memory were formed and how the burdens of the century of modernity were cleaned away in an effort at naming them. It shows how memory was awakened in places where nobody had needed it in a long time and where many did not even want to revisit it, and traces the birth of public communication for a memory institution located in a place that twenty years ago was called a "trash heap of history."

Remembrance of BIIb – Sound & Silence

13 July at 7pm
Large Courtyard, Trade Fair Palace

This year, we once again remember the July events associated with the liquidation of the Terezín family camp at Auschwitz.
At 7pm on 13 July in the Large Courtyard of the Trade Fair Palace, New York-based Czech composer, conductor, and flutist Petr Kotík will present a commemorative musical composition dedicated to the places associated with the deportation of members of his own family. He has called his composition: Sound & Silence
music: Petr Kotík
text: Gertrude Stein

soprano: Irena Troupová and Zuzana Barochová
flute: Petr Kotík and Daniel Havel
violin: Anna Romanovská
percussion: Martin Opršál and Filip Závorka
trumpet: Adam Richter a Jan Červenka

Registration required. Contact us at: rezervace@pamatnikticha.cz

The concert is held under the auspices of President of the Czech Republic Petr Pavel and Minister of Culture Martin Baxa.