DRUMMING FOR BUBNY / 16 October 17:00

This year, fall is full of anniversaries. At Bubny Station, we will again gather to commemorate the anniversary of the first Jewish transport to leave Prague during the Protectorate.
As in previous years, we will attempt a different form of remembrance by organizing a public happening aimed at arousing the silent majority
and the silence of the largest sleeping brownfield in Prague
and the silence of the stories of the 20th century.

The silent majority was and will continue to shape events that should never have happened and should never be repeated... Passive and yet timeless. And so this year we will again drum against silence and against looking away from the dangerous social phenomena happening all around us:
Throughout the fall of 2018, we will be discussing expressions of neo-Nazi ideology at football stadiums.
On 16 October, the exhibition panels planned for the exhibition Football in a Century of Fouls will be exhibited at Bubny Station before they are installed in public spaces on Letná and the streets of Holešovice, where they will actively communicate with the public on the memory of places and on the invisible dramas playing out behind the city's facade.

Joining us to discuss how contemporary xenophobia relates to the events of the war will be Zuzana Kronerová. The event will be moderated by Anna Polívková.

After the many stars from the world of drumming who have joined us in the past, this year's Drumming for Bubny will feature THE RADEK BŘICHÁČ SAMBA BAND from Říčany under the direction of Miloš Vacík. This year's event partner is the Nature School (Gymnázium Přírodní škola).

The motto of this year's Drumming for Bubny is "Students for Students"
... because work is starting on Bubny Station's renovation (!), and the entire Memorial of Silence project is dedicated to them. The authors of the memorial's design are firmly convinced that the school's students can look forward to the project's completion in two years – before many of them will graduate. And we believe in and hope for and need your support – even if it's just to join us to the rhythm of the drums.

Spring Program in Memorial of Silence

In our public radio debates broadcast from Bubny, we would like to focus this year on another of the grand topics of the future emorial of Silence: PROPAGANDA, CAMPAIGN VERSUS ANTI-CAMPAIGN The year 2018 marks the centenary of the founding of an independent Czechoslovakia, and will also be a crucial year for plans to redevelop Bubny Station into a MEMORIAL OF SILENCE. The final project preparations will culminate in the handover of the station building for redevelopment. You can find the entire program here.


Visualization of the future structure of Memorial of Silence.